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Groups FAQ

How many people constitute a group?

Group minimums vary by performance, but generally groups are of 10 or more. See show pages for specific group minimums.

Are there discounts available for Groups?

Groups enjoy a 10-20% discount on tickets, as well as reduced service fees to certain performances.

 When I look up tickets online, why do I have to pay $12-$20 in fees?

You don’t! One of the great benefits of group sales is that you don’t have to pay the normal online ticketing fees you would if you purchased elsewhere. While there is still a small facility & groups fee per ticket, you’ll add to your overall savings by booking a group!

Are there Student or Senior rates available to the show?

Many performances do offer special rate to student and senior groups. Please contact your Group Sales Coordinator to discuss the options available to your group.

 Are there comps available for the show?

Some shows offer complimentary tickets to large groups of 40 or more. Please contact your Group Sales Coordinator for more details.

When can I book my seats?

Groups can book their seats well in advance of the general public. Group sales generally start in late spring, but you can call and have your name placed on our priority list starting the day of our season announcement!

Are the shows appropriate for children?

Each of our productions is unique and the age recommendations vary by production. Please see the individual show pages for recommendations or contact your Group Sales Coordinator to discuss the show content. Please also check for the run time of the show when considering bringing children to a performance.

 Can we get tickets to other cities through you?

While Broadway Across America has many cities in its network, we are only able to help you with seats in Seattle. However, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with our colleagues in other cities so you may book your group tickets. You’ll be sure to get the same great service from our colleagues as you have from us! For a list of cities in our network, please visit

 Do we need to pay for our tickets right away, or can we be invoiced?

Group clients may reserve their tickets in advance and will be invoiced for their seats to allow you time to collect funds from your group members. Your Group Sales Coordinator can give you more details on the payment options upon reservation.

Where should we sit?

Main floor seats are sought after, and if you want to be close to the action, those are the way to go. There is no elevator in the Paramount Theatre, so if stairs pose a problem for any of your guests, we recommend the main floor.

Mezzanine seating is on an incline or a “rake”, which means that you have more visibility over the guest in front of you. There are three tiers to the mezzanine that all offer a full view of the stage, as well as the historic Paramount ceiling. If your group would like more affordable seats or would like to take in the whole theatre, we recommend the mezzanines.

Please see The Paramount Seating Chart for further detail.

How many seats should I reserve? Can I make changes to my order?

We recommend adding a few additional seats to your order. Extra seats can always be released before payment is due, and you may have more people interested in joining your group leading up to the performance. We can also add seats to your order after you’ve made your initial purchase, depending on availability.

What's “Early Bird” and how does that work?

Early Bird pricing, if available, has a steeper group discount and affects your payment date. Early Bird payments are due 8 weeks prior to the show. Should you require more seats after the Early Bird deadline has passed, we may be able to honor the same rate for any added seats to your order, depending on the performance.

How and when should I collect money from my group?

We recommend gathering your group’s payments a week prior to our payment due date so you have time to process and consolidate the funds. There are many different applications and options that your friends and family can use to pay you; Venmo and Squarecash do not have any service fees and transfer money almost instantaneously. PayPal is also an option, but it can take a few business days to transfer money to a bank account.

How long is the show?

Run times vary per performance. Generally, shows run about 2hr and 30min including a 15-minute intermission. Please see the individual show page for exact run times.

How will we receive our tickets?

We FedEx them to you! It’s a part of an agreement we have with The Paramount Theatre. This means that your group won’t have to worry about the Will Call queue and you have time to distribute your tickets in advance. After your payment is processed, tickets will take 5-7 mailing days to arrive, or 7-10 days if they are shipping to Canada.

What time does the theatre open prior to the show?

The Paramount lobby opens one hour prior to curtain. You are more than welcome to purchase show merchandise, utilize the restrooms, or relax with a beverage and snack all within the lobby. The house opens 30 minutes prior to curtain, which is when you are welcome to take your seat inside the theatre.


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