The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre — Seattle, WA


Going North on I-5 take the Olive Way exit (which exits off the right of the freeway) and turn right at the light onto Melrose. Make a right on Pine Street. The Paramount Theatre is located on your left, on the corner of 9th Avenue and Pine Street.

Going South on I-5 take the Stewart Street exit. Follow Stewart to 9th Avenue and turn left. Follow 9th Avenue for two blocks to Pine Street. The Paramount Theatre is located on the corner of 9th Avenue and Pine Street.


The Paramount Theatre does not have its own parking lot. There is a loading zone on 9th Avenue and Pine to drop off passengers. There are several pay lots in the area as well as metered street parking (after 6pm and Sundays are free). There are also multi-level garages at The Grand Hyatt’s 7th and Pike Street Garage, The Washington State Convention Center and in Pacific Place Mall.

Subscriber Parking at the 7th & Pike Garage

The 7th & Pike Garage is located at 1508 7th Avenue, Seattle WA 98101, with entrances on 7th and 8th Avenues between Pike and Pine

The 7th & Pike Garage is the designated garage for the subscriber parking coupons and vouchers. Subscribers receive parking vouchers for each subscription package show (parking vouchers are not available for Season Options).

To redeem your vouchers, follow the steps below:

  • Upon entry to the 7th and Pike Garage, press the button for a ticket to enter the facility.
  • When exiting the garage, scan your ticket pulled on entry at the exit machine or pay on foot station.
  • Once the rate is displayed on the screen, then scan your validation barcode.
  • Insert and remove your credit card (mag stripe up) for the amount displayed if any remaining amount is owed.

For payments made at the elevator pay station, a 20 minute exit grace period is allowed.

John Gore Theatrical Group, Inc. (JGTG) acts as the selling and collection agent for Seattle Theatre Group.
JGTG’s liability is limited to its agency function.

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